Innovation and simplification compared to traditional cleaning systems

Discover the revolutionary HCS FAST cleaning system


HCS FAST revolutionizes the way we clean because it eliminates the use of traditional cleaning agents. This significantly reduces the risks associated with handling chemicals and their complex doses. In addition, the system abandons the use of heavy and bulky equipment, preferring disposable cloths made of technologically advanced materials.


With HCS FAST, pre- and post-cleaning operations become obsolete. There is no longer a need for diluting detergents or handling tools such as bangs and mops to be machine washed after use, bringing significant time and cost savings. In addition, the system eliminates the purchase of detergents and equipment, as well as reducing energy and water use by preventing the release of spent washing solutions into the sewage system.


HCS FAST minimizes environmental impact by drastically reducing waste. Thanks to compact wipe packages, the need to dispose of packaging, canisters, cartons, and other containers is eliminated, and storage volumes are also reduced.


The HCS FAST system ensures maximum hygiene by eliminating all forms of cross-contamination. After each operation, disposable cloths, specific to each operation and environment, are replaced, ensuring maximum cleanliness and safety at all times.

Main Features

  • Disposable cloths
  • Elimination of Detergents
  • Specific Equipment
  • No Waste
  • Low Storage Volumes
  • Time Savings
  • Energy Savings
  • Saves Water
  • No packaging to dispose of

The Hygiene Revolution in Hospital Environments

  • Pre-impregnated disposable "SPUNLACE" cloths for each individual environment: maximum results in terms of hygiene and non-contamination;

  • Degree of impregnation of cloths (with detergent/disinfectant solutions);

  • Use of carts, equipment and cloths with antibacterial protection;

  • Study aimed at maximum reduction of operator error;

  • Quick and intuitive training