Specific equipment for the operator


The technology makes the surface of the cart hostile to microorganisms by preventing them from reproducing and growing.

The action that the additive exerts on metabolism of microorganisms does not allow them to feed, grow and reproduce. Effective against bacteria, fungi and mold.

Antibacterial protection is incorporated into the molecular structure of the cart at the beginning of the manufacturing process to provide maximum effectiveness. It is resistant to wear and tear and washing. It has an extended service life over the entire life cycle of the cart.

All products with antibacterial protection use additives that comply with current regulations. Antibacterial agents incorporated into the carts are registered under the European Biocidal Products Directive and are regularly tested to ensure their effectiveness and safety.

A product certification program has been established to continuously ensure compliance with the most stringent quality standards, including trolley testing procedures, factory inspections, and sample microbiological tests carried out at independent laboratories.

Structure: Modular structure made of copolymer polypropylene and polycarbonate easily transformable according to the needs generated by the contract. Mirror holder made of steel and rilsan (400 micron thickness).

Bag holder: Sliding bag holder slider to adjust the opening and make it easier to collect waste/exhausted disposable cloths. Color-coded bag-holding slider for using double waste/exhausted single-use cloths collection bags. Lid-Light for execution of work plans and communication reports. Bag-cover doors for cart use in any condition.

Storage compartment: Large storage compartment with shelves. Lockable doors for use in complete safety even in the presence of users.

Wheels: 4 wheels (diam. 100 mm) made of anti-noise, non-marking rubber on hot-inserted threaded brass bushing. Possibility of applying wheels equipped with brakes, wheels for outdoor use and wheels for uneven floors.

Buckets: No. 4lt. buckets with locking lids (blue/red/green/yellow).

Disposable cloths:

Disposable pre-impregnated cloths for dry sweeping floors HCS FAST FLOOR SWIFT

Disposable pre-impregnated cloths for floor washing and sanitizing HCS FAST CLOTH PEROXY 4.0

Disposable pre-impregnated cloths for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces and equipment HCS FAST 70

Disposable pre-impregnated wipes for surface cleaning and sanitizing HCS FAST IPO52

Disposable pre-impregnated cloths for cleaning and sanitizing restroom area HCS FAST KALK

Disposable pre-impregnated cloths for window cleaning and sanitizing HCS FAST SMART

Disposable pre-impregnated cloths for cleaning and sanitizing general surfaces HCS FAST SANNY

Equipment: 60 cm rubber cloth frame, equipped with two Velcro inserts for fast attachment of the disposable impregnated cloth and 4 star inserts; 30 cm frame equipped with two Velcro inserts for fast attachment of the disposable cloth. Telescopic aluminum handles adaptable to operator's height + waste collection kit.

PPE: Disposable latex and/or vinyl gloves.

Trolley | The right solution always with you

With the HCS FAST Trolley, you will have at hand and in a compact space all the tools and products you need to ensure autonomy and efficiency in sanitizing any facility or environment. The versatility of the Trolley allows you to use only the products you need, thus optimizing space during transport, whether physical or motorized.

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