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HCS FAST is proud to present its website fully translated into multiple languages using artificial intelligence.

With an estimated accuracy of 97%, machine translation offers a smooth and accessible browsing experience to a global audience.

Cleprin, the company to which HCS FAST belongs, strongly believes in the use of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence to improve communication and break down language barriers.

While we are aware that machine translation is not without its errors, we consider it a valuable tool for facilitating access to information and international collaboration.

The revolution of hygiene in hospital and hospitality environments

Stop cross-contamination while saving time and money

Why choose HCS FAST





Attention and responsible awareness of the importance of safeguarding the environment and the well-being of operators is constantly increasing, becoming a priority for institutions and society.

CLEPRIN, with over thirty years of experience in the production and distribution of detergents and sanitisers, has always focused on research and experimentation of state-of-the-art systems and products as the pillars of its corporate philosophy.

The result of this dedication is the revolutionary HCS FAST system. Intuitive and effective, it is the ideal solution for improving cleanliness in hospitals, clinics, RSAs and other healthcare facilities, ensuring impeccable hygiene, essential for positive user ratings.

With the HCS FAST system, patients and visitors will appreciate the facility's commitment to providing a safe environment free from cross-contamination.

Innovation and avant-garde

Cloth Peroxy 4.0

Cloth Peroxy 4.0 is made of microfibre, with a tear-resistant weave, and has dimensions of 30x17x2.5 cm. It has pockets suitable for equipment with a frame size of 40.5x10.5 cm. This cloth is impregnated with 75 mL of a specially formulated mixture to ensure a cleaning, disinfecting and quick-drying action.

Thanks to these features, Cloth Peroxy 4.0 is an effective option for cleaning and disinfecting various surfaces, floors and walls.

Our technology represents a true revolution in the sanitisation of hospital and hospitality environments. By combining innovation, efficiency and safety, we offer solutions that exceed traditional standards. With our state-of-the-art approach, we ensure safer and healthier environments for patients, staff and guests, contributing to an overall improvement in the quality of care and customer experience.

The System

Innovation and simplification compared to traditional sanitation systems.

The Procedure

A Technical Dossier validated by University Institutions.

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